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Multitool Exotic Quest | Guns Of Destiny Gaming LLC
Multitool Exotic Quest


Multitool Exotic Quest


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A team from Guns of Destiny will complete the Multitool Exotic Quest to get the Multitool with you or for you. Every drop is guaranteed even if you lag out. We can go over the entire challenge with you step by step if you want, you can set the pace, or stream it on Twitch while we play for you. Our teams are very patient and will make sure you have a fun time and learn anything you want. 

We have two options we can take control of your account or you can play with us. If you choose the “we play FOR you” option, we can be much more flexible (as in we can easily get it done anytime)! We would log onto your account and go flawless without you having to be there.

Guns of Destiny is here to help! We offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back on all purchases. Our members are all skilled adult gamers who provide services on a daily basis. They are experts at what they do and know just about everything you need to know about Destiny.

What to Expect from our Teams?

Our teams are entirely made up of Guns of Destiny Members, you will never have a random teammate or people from our Friends List. Our goal is to provide a entertaining and educational experience for all our clients. We tailored each job to fit our clients needs and provide and safe and fun atmosphere for you to improve your gaming skills and have fun! We can do just about anything in the game so if you have any question or special request please asked the team.

Service Description:

Play With Services: You “the client” will play on your own account while a full team from Guns of Destiny will guide you through the challenge / service. Our team is there to help, answer any questions and teach you everything you want to know. If you get disconnect or miss rewards we will redo it and make sure you complete everything you purchased.


    • Playing With Us-
      • Please include your Gamertag or PSN in the correct field above before adding to your cart.
      • Please include a timeframe you are free to play and your best contact method in the Notes section. We will email to set it up. You can also go directly to our live chat once you paid, Have your order # or your Email Address ready.

Play For Services: A trusted member from Guns of Destiny will sign into your account and complete the purchased service. We will email or text you prior to getting on your account if a preset time frame was not established. Once we complete your order we will remove your account from our system and email you that we have completed the job. At this time we ask you to change your password to ensure you are the only one with access to your account.

    • Playing For You-
      • Please include your Email and a Temporary Password (which you will change was the service is complete) in the correct field above.
      • If you have any restrictions or notes about your account please include them in the Note section above.


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