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Rise of Iron A Light in the Dark, Thorn Bounty | Guns Of Destiny Gaming LLC
Rise of Iron A Light in the Dark, Thorn Bounty


Rise of Iron A Light in the Dark, Thorn Bounty


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**Must have the A Light in the Dark, Thorn Bounty and 1 Skeleton Key**

Rise of Iron A Light in the Dark, Thorn Bounty

Guns of Destiny will complete the Rise of Iron: A Light in the Dark Exotic Quest and get you a Year 3 Thorn – Exotic Hand Cannon. Every drop is guaranteed even if you lag out. We can go over the entire Quest with you step by step if you want, you can set the pace. Our teams are very patient and will make sure you have a fun time and learn anything you want. 

Everything Guns of Destiny offers has 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back! If you have any questions use the chat in the lower left corner of this page or email

Steps to Complete Bounty:

  • Run the Wretched Eye Strike
  • Kill Fallen in the Plaguelands
  • Kill players in the Crucible with Void weapons.
  • Consume 5 Motes of Light to ‘cleanse the darkness’ from the weapon.
  • Use a Skeleton Key in the chest at the end of the revamped Abomonication Heist Strike (revamped Phogoth strike).
  • Once you complete the objectives above, you will receive this item and be able to hop into Crucible or PVE events and show off your shiny new Exotic Hand Cannon.

★Order Requirements★u.

  • If we are playing for you:
    Leave a note within your purchase with your account info, the character(s) you want done and a time frame that a Guns member can logon.

★Orders that do not meet the above requirements will take longer to fulfill★

48 Hours before weekly reset use the chat to make sure we can complete it before.


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